About Dialzara

Generating thousands of leads every month for our business - we became painfully aware of a troubling fact. 

Missed calls weren't only devastating our marketing budget - they were also a lost chance to connect with our next customer-for-life.

At the same time, we were struggling to provide a consistently excellent experience for those who did get through.

It was a double blow – lost opportunities and unhappy customers.

This is where the idea for DialZara came from.

We wanted to create a solution that would make sure that no call was missed, and that each caller is treated the right way, every time.

So, what is Dialzara?

DialZara lets you automate inbound phone calls with lifelike AI that truly knows your business inside and out. 

Your AI attendant will answer calls around the clock, delighting your customers and keeping you informed. 

No need to staff and train a team of agents.  Just feed your AI with knowledge from your sources, set up call forwarding, and sit back as every call gets answered and instant summaries are delivered to you after every call.   

Plus, you can connect DialZara with over 6000+ applications through Zapier for powerful post-call workflows.

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Dialzara is a powerful AI phone solution for businesses of all sizes.

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