10 Best Real Estate Chatbots 2024

published on 22 June 2024

Here's a quick overview of the top 10 real estate chatbots for 2024:

  1. ProProfs Chat: Easy-to-use live chat tool
  2. Tars: AI-powered chatbot with WhatsApp integration
  3. WotNot: No-code chatbot platform for real estate agents
  4. Customers.ai: AI chatbot for personalized customer interactions
  5. Tidio: Customer service and marketing tool with chatbot templates
  6. Landbot: User-friendly chatbot builder for websites and landing pages
  7. Roof: Specialized real estate chatbot for lead generation
  8. Collect.chat: Simple chatbot for gathering customer information
  9. Realty Chatbot: AI-powered chatbot for real estate agents
  10. ChatBot: Versatile tool for customer communication and property listings

Quick Comparison:

Chatbot Key Feature Best For Pricing
ProProfs Chat Real-time customer interactions Small businesses Various plans
Tars WhatsApp integration Lead generation Custom quotes
WotNot No-code platform Easy setup Custom pricing
Customers.ai Personalized AI interactions Customer service Custom quotes
Tidio Marketing automation All-in-one solution $39-$389/month
Landbot Landing page creation Visual builders $50-$499/month
Roof Real estate specialization Lead qualification Custom pricing
Collect.chat Simple data collection Beginners Free-$24+/month
Realty Chatbot Facebook/Instagram integration Social media focus $119/month
ChatBot Multi-language support Large companies $50-$499+/month

These chatbots help real estate businesses automate customer interactions, generate leads, and improve efficiency. Choose based on your specific needs, budget, and desired features.

1. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a live chat tool for online businesses. It helps companies talk to people visiting their websites in real-time.

Key Features

ProProfs Chat offers:

  • Real-time talks with website visitors
  • Chat invitations to help guide visitors
  • Simple software for talking to customers quickly
  • Quick answers to customer questions
  • Always available without high costs


ProProfs Chat has different price plans. Check their website to find a plan that fits your budget.

Pros and Cons

Here's a quick look at the good and not-so-good parts of ProProfs Chat:

Good Not-so-good
Easy to use Few options to change how it looks
Affordable plans Doesn't work well with many other tools
Quick talks with website visitors Basic reports and data
Fast answers to customer questions

ProProfs Chat can help real estate businesses make customers happier, answer fewer support tickets, and get more people interested in their services.

2. Tars


Tars is a web chatbot that uses AI to talk with customers. It has many templates and can use WhatsApp to find new real estate leads.

Key Features

Tars offers:

Feature Description
Templates Over 1,100 chatbot templates
WhatsApp Uses WhatsApp Business API
Custom Flows 1-2 chatbot flows made by Tars experts
Integrations Works with over 1,000 realtor CRMs
Scheduling Books appointments, links to Google Calendar
Dashboard Shows chat and lead data


Tars has three plans:

Plan Chatbots Chats per Month WhatsApp Numbers
Business 1 5,000 0
Premium 3 10,000 1
Enterprise 5 20,000 2

Prices are not shown online. You need to ask for a quote.

Pros and Cons

Good Not-so-good
Quick answers Prices not clear
New AI tech Takes time to learn
Works with CRMs Doesn't work with social media
Many templates

Tars can help real estate businesses talk to customers faster, answer questions, and find new clients.

3. WotNot


WotNot is a chatbot platform for real estate agents. It lets you make chatbots without knowing how to code.

Key Features

Feature Description
Easy to use Drag-and-drop tool to build bots
Human handover Easily switch from bot to human chat
Data tracking Shows how well your business is doing
Conversation saving Keeps chat records and sends them by email
Multiple channels Works with WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS
Connects with other tools Links to Zoho, Slack, Salesforce, and more


WotNot doesn't show prices on its website. They offer a service where their team makes a chatbot for you based on what your business needs.

Pros and Cons

Good Not-so-good
Simple bot builder Fewer connections in basic plan
Good customer help
Quick to set up

WotNot is good for real estate businesses that want to talk to customers automatically and find new leads. It's easy to use for all types of businesses.

4. Customers.ai


Customers.ai is a chatbot platform for real estate. It helps agents talk to customers automatically, find new clients, and give personal help.

Key Features

Feature Description
AI talking Chats with people like a real person
Property info Shows up-to-date details about homes
Booking Lets people set up times to see homes
Many languages Talks to people in different languages
Works on phones Easy to use on any device


Customers.ai doesn't show prices online. They talk to each business to find the right price for them. You can ask for a free meeting to learn more.

Pros and Cons

Good Not-so-good
Gives personal help Doesn't work with many other tools
Smart AI for talking Can be hard to learn all the features
Chatbot designs you can change

Customers.ai is good for real estate businesses that want to:

  • Talk to customers without doing it themselves
  • Give personal help to each client
  • Find new clients more easily

Its smart AI and property info make it helpful for real estate agents.

5. Tidio


Tidio is a customer service and marketing tool that works well for real estate businesses of all sizes. It offers chatbots for real estate and tools to find new clients.

Key Features

Feature Description
Free CRM Helps manage customer relationships
Chatbot templates Ready-to-use scripts for real estate
Multiple languages Talks to clients in different languages
Integrations Works with popular real estate CRMs
Marketing automation Helps with marketing tasks


Tidio has a free trial and four paid plans:

Plan Price/month Best for Features
Personal Use $39 Basic needs 3,000 GPT 3.5 messages
Pro $89 Small businesses GPT4 messages, AI actions
Advanced $189 Mid-sized businesses Unlimited messages, more AI chatbots
Expert $389 Large businesses API Access, WhatsApp integration

Pros and Cons

Good Not-so-good
Free CRM included May need to pay for advanced features
Many users like it Can take time to learn
Good for FAQs and marketing Doesn't connect with many other tools

Tidio is a good choice for real estate agents who want to talk to clients better and improve their marketing. It offers chatbots you can change to fit your needs, works in many languages, and can help businesses of all sizes.


6. Landbot


Landbot is a chatbot builder that's easy to use. It helps real estate agents make chatbots for their websites and landing pages. These chatbots can talk to customers and find new leads.

Key Features

Landbot offers:

Feature Description
Landing pages Turn chatbots into full web pages
Ready-made chatbots Use pre-made chatbots right away
WhatsApp use Send messages through WhatsApp
Easy builder Make chatbots by dragging and dropping
Media options Add videos, pictures, and buttons to chats
Data collection Gather and sort customer information


Landbot has four price plans:

Plan Price/month For What you get
Starter $50 Small businesses One chatbot with some limits
Team $149 Growing companies No limits on AI training, up to 5,000 chats
Business $499 Big companies No limits on chatbots, up to 25,000 chats
Enterprise Ask for price Very large companies No limits on auto-chats

Pros and Cons

Good Not so good
Quick to set up Doesn't work with many other tools
Fair prices Only works in a few languages
Many ready-to-use designs Some say it can be slow to answer

Landbot is good for real estate agents who want to make chatbots without knowing how to code. It's simple to use and has fair prices, making it a good choice for many businesses.

7. Roof


Roof is a chatbot for real estate companies. It helps find and talk to possible buyers on Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, and websites. It works with other real estate tools to make things easier for agents.

Key Features

Roof's chatbot can:

Feature Description
Check leads Ask questions to see if people are good buyers
Get contact info Collect emails and phone numbers
Work with other tools Connect with real estate software
Show homes Find houses that match what buyers want
Answer questions Give quick replies to common questions
Book viewings Set up times for people to see houses
Help with marketing Send different messages based on what buyers need


Roof doesn't show prices on its website. You need to call them to find out how much it costs. It's often more expensive than other similar chatbots.

Pros and Cons

Good Not so good
Talks to many customers at once Costs more than other chatbots
Finds and checks leads all day and night No prices shown on the website
Works with many real estate tools Might take time to set up and learn

Roof is a strong choice for real estate companies that want to talk to lots of possible buyers online. It costs more, but it can help companies find and talk to buyers better.

8. Collect.chat


Collect.chat is a simple chatbot for real estate websites. It's easy to use, even for beginners. You can quickly add a chat form to your site and get customer information. It works well on phones and has a free option to try before you buy.

Key Features

Collect.chat offers these main features:

Feature Description
Friendly chat style Talks to customers in a nice way
Quick setup Easy to start using
Works with WhatsApp Can send messages through WhatsApp
Ready-made designs Choose from different chat designs


Collect.chat has a free version and paid plans. Paid plans start at $24 per month. Each plan has different features and limits on how many chats you can have.

Pros and Cons

Good Not so good
Easy to use Basic plans don't let you change much
Works with WhatsApp Some people say it's hard to use with email
Free version to try

Collect.chat is good for real estate agents who want to start using chatbots. It's simple to set up and doesn't cost much, making it a good choice for those new to chatbots.

9. Realty Chatbot

Realty Chatbot

Realty Chatbot helps real estate agents talk to possible buyers more easily.

Key Features

Feature What it does
AI talking Chats with people like a real person
Works with Facebook and Instagram Lets you talk to people on these apps
Finds new clients Gets and checks info from people who might buy
Shows how it's doing Lets you see how the chatbot is working


It costs $119 each month, plus $195 to set it up at the start.

Good and Not-so-good Points

Good Not so good
Easy to use Can't guess what people might do
Sends messages to keep people interested Doesn't work well on phones
Works with other real estate tools

Realty Chatbot helps real estate agents answer people faster and sell more. It talks to people like a real person and shows you how it's doing, which makes it helpful for real estate businesses.

10. ChatBot


ChatBot is a tool for real estate companies. It helps talk to customers and share property listings.

Key Features

Feature What it does
AI talking Chats with people like a real person
Property info Shows up-to-date details about homes
Booking Lets people set up times to see homes
Many languages Talks to people in different languages
Works on phones Easy to use on any device


ChatBot has four plans:

Plan Price per month For
Starter $50 Basic use
Team $149 Small teams
Business $499 Bigger companies
Enterprise Ask for price Large companies

Each plan lets you do different things and talk to a certain number of people.

Good and Not-so-good Points

Good Not so good
Works with many other tools Might need to buy extra parts to use all features
Can change it to fit your needs Can be too expensive for small companies
Used by big companies

ChatBot helps real estate companies talk to customers better and share property listings. It's good for companies that want a chatbot that can do a lot.

Good and Bad Points

Chatbot Comparison

Here's a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each chatbot:

Chatbot Good Points Bad Points
ProProfs Chat Simple to use, can be changed Few connections, basic tools
Tars Many choices, smart AI Costs a lot, hard to learn
WotNot Good help, easy for users Takes time to learn, few changes allowed
Customers.ai Lots of tools, good data Hard to set up, takes time to learn
Tidio Cheap, easy to use Simple tools, few changes allowed
Landbot Easy to use, can be changed Basic AI, simple tools
Roof Good data reports, detailed info Costs a lot, few changes allowed
Collect.chat Easy to use, cheap Few choices, basic tools
Realty Chatbot Made for real estate, easy for users Little help, basic tools
ChatBot Many uses, smart AI Can be slow, hard to learn

When picking a chatbot, think about what you need and what's most important to you. Each chatbot has things it does well and things it doesn't do as well.

Here are some tips to help you choose:

  • Look at what each chatbot can do
  • Think about how much you want to spend
  • See if it's easy to use or if you'll need time to learn it
  • Check if it works with other tools you use
  • Make sure it fits your business size and type


Picking the right real estate chatbot for your business can be tough. There are many options, each with its own good and bad points. To choose well, think about what you need, how much you can spend, and what you want to achieve.

When looking at chatbots, focus on these key areas:

  • How well it finds new clients
  • If it can give personal advice to customers
  • How it helps you talk to customers
  • If it works with other tools you use
  • How much you can change it to fit your needs
  • What kind of data it gives you about how it's working

Here's a quick look at what a good chatbot can do for you:

Benefit How it helps
Talk to more people Chat with many customers at once
Work all the time Answer questions day and night
Save time Do simple tasks for you
Find new clients Get contact info from people interested in buying
Help customers faster Give quick answers to common questions

By picking a chatbot that fits your needs, you can:

  • Talk to customers better
  • Make your work easier
  • Sell more homes

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