Boost Business Growth with AI Phone Answering Services

AI answering services are revolutionizing business communications

"🤔 Why do I need a phone answering service for my business?"

Did you know that 60% of consumers call local businesses after searching online?

But 62% of these calls go unanswered, and only 20% of callers bother to leave a voicemail - representing a massive amount of lost opportunity for business owners.

What's the best solution for phone answering services?

Traditional receptionists vs. AI receptionists

Answers to FAQs About AI Phone Answering Services

  • I don't have software engineers on my team. Who will setup and train my agent?

    The Dialzara team's goal is to make setting up an AI phone answering service as seamless as possible.  

    Our 3 set up process is so easy to use that anyone can create a fully trained and customized AI receptionist in just a few minutes.  

    All you have to do is answer a few questions about your business. We'll automatically generate an accurate prompt for your AI phone agent. You can then chat with your agent to test its responses.

    You can also enter your website, upload call scripts, recordings, and any other training documents to your AI phone agent's memory with just a few simple clicks, with live chat support available to assist you at every step of the way.

  • Is there a free trial?


    You can try Dialzara's AI phone answering service completely risk-free to see how it works.

    Go here to get started: 7-Day Free Trial

  • What is the cost difference between live phone answering service and AI phone answering service?

    • Live answering services
    • Subscription fee: $199 - $599 per month
    • Per minute pricing: $1.59 per minute (but can be more)

    This means the cost for just 100 minutes of call time per month would be $360 - $660 for a live phone answering service. Even worse, some live answering services require a long term commitment.

    Dialzara AI receptionists start at only $99 and include 400 minutes per month. Additional minutes are just 24 cents. There are no long-term contracts and you can try it completely free for 7 days.

AI Phone Answering Service In Three Easy Steps

  • 1

    Customize the AI with your business info by answering 3 questions

    We'll automatically create a highly-intelligent prompt for your AI agent to use.  

  • 2

    Choose a phone number for your AI receptionist

  • 3

    Forward calls to your AI receptionist

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