Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about AI phone agents

  • What types of businesses benefit most from using Dialzara?

    Dialzara is best suited for small businesses that get a high volume of inbound calls. It can replace the need for a dedicated receptionist by fielding calls 24/7. Businesses that miss a lot of calls due to not having live receptionists would benefit the most.

  • Does the AI agent understand context and intent, or does it mainly match keywords?

    The AI agent understands and handles queries based on the context and intent and can “mirror” your caller’s conversational style, making it ideal for solving complex interactions across a wide range of scenarios.

  • What happens if the AI agent can't answer a caller's question or gets stuck during a call?

    The best way to handle this type of scenario is by giving your agent specific instructions on what to do if they can’t answer a question.  

    For example, you could put the following instructions in your agent’s knowledge base:

    If the caller asks you a question you’re not equipped to answer, tell them that you don’t know but you will pass their question to a specialist who can follow up with their request.

    Additionally, you can enable your agent to transfer the call to a live agent if a caller requests for that.

  • Does the AI agent record all calls automatically?

    Yes, the AI agent records all calls automatically. Call recordings and transcripts are available in the call activity log.

  • How customizable is the AI agent's greeting and conversation flow? Can you train it from scratch?

    The greeting is totally customizable, allowing you to set it to anything you'd like. The conversation flow can also be customized from scratch by training the agent through example conversations and providing feedback when it makes mistakes.

  • How quickly can the AI agent be trained if it makes a mistake during a call?

    Mistakes can be fixed quickly by providing real-time feedback during test calls. This allows the agent to be retrained on the fly.

  • How are the voice options for the AI agent? Do they sound natural or robotic?

    There are over 30 high quality voice options available, which you can preview here .

  • What support options are available if I need help setting up or troubleshooting my AI agent?

    Support is offered before, during, and after the free trial to help with setup and troubleshooting.