AI Answering Service: How It Works

Don’t let another customer call slip through the cracks

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AI Answering Service In Action

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    The AI receptionist answers incoming calls
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    Talks to your callers, addressing their questions and providing information
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    Call summary is delivered immediately to your email or via text
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    Integrate your agent to your CRM for extended capabilities
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    Every call captured, the right way.

    Dialzara's AI answering service let's you clone your knowledge into the perfect receptionist.

  • Dialzara Integrations
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    Connected with over 6,000 apps

    Build powerful workflows in and connect your AI receptionist to your CRM, text message platform, and more

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    Get up and running in minutes

    No need to be an AI expert. Our simple guided set-up lets you have an expert AI phone agent start taking calls in no time.

Tired of missing important calls?

American small business owners aren't picking up the phone when it rings and its costing them $75 billion a year.  

But can you blame them?

Let's face it, hiring a receptionist for $30,000/yr isn't realistic for most.  

And good after-hours live answering services aren't cheap either.

But it's an unavoidable fact that unanswered callers become someone else's customer when they can't get a hold of your company.

And, there's another problem besides lost revenue and dissatisfied callers that some business owners might not be thinking about.

Big tech punishes you for not answering the phone.

You see, they know each time someone searches online for your business and tries calling you, and they also know if you missed that call.  

Too many missed calls and you'll start to notice rankings start to free-fall, and you're stuck hidden behind your competitors.

As the pioneers behind the world's premier AI phone agent for inbound calls, we've seen the transformative power of AI phone answering and the dire cost of missed calls.

DialZara is not just an AI answering service; it's a comprehensive customer engagement revolution. 

Equipped with intelligent, always-on call handling, our AI agents do more than just answer calls - they embody your brand in every interaction.

With the capability to integrate seamlessly into your existing business systems, DialZara offers a plug-and-play solution that brings a significant reduction in costs, freeing up your resources to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

Safeguard your revenue and elevate your customer service. Join the communication revolution with DialZara, where missed calls become a thing of the past, and every customer interaction is an opportunity seized.

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