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    Choose from over 40 high quality voices for your AI receptionist.
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    Upload files, scripts, call recordings, or even training videos for your agent to learn from.
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    Transfer calls: Your AI receptionist can be taught to transfer the call to a live agent.
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    Connect your AI agent to nearly any application to extend your capabilities with Zapier

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Your Questions, Our Answers

Get answers to commonly asked FAQs about pricing, setup, and special offers

  • What is Dialzara?

    Dialzara is the only AI platform that specifically helps small business owners handle incoming calls from their customers. As business owners ourselves, we know the importance of making sure every call to your business is answered promptly and professionally.  

    Traditionally, businesses have relied on in-house staff or 3rd-party live answering services to field unanswered or after-hours calls, but those solutions are expensive and come with the added work of training, hiring, and managing.

    With Dialzara, you get an AI "employee" who knows your business almost better than you do, never calls in sick, and is always motivated.

  • Can the AI agent follow a script?

    Yes, Dialzara AI agents are extremely intelligent and will follow any training and scripts you provide - 100% of the time. 

  • How will I know when my Dialzara agent takes a call?

    Every time your agent takes a call, you'll get an instant notification via email and/or text containing a call summary, call recording, and link to the call transcript. 

  • How long does it take to activate my account?

    All accounts are activated instantly, including the local or toll-free phone number you pick during the signup process. You can start using Dialzara right away.

  • How will my AI agent sound?

    We've partnered with the leading AI voice generation platforms such as and Microsoft Azure to bring you over 36 different high-quality, natural sounding voices you can pick from for you AI agent. Hear our voices here .

  • Will my customers get mad if they find out they are talking to an AI?

    Surprisingly, no. Most people are already used to talking to some kind of "robot" when they call a business. Dialzara takes that experience and transforms it to a whole level. Instead of talking to a basic robot, your callers will have access to a natural sounding, well-educated, and highly capable AI-powered assistant that consistently portrays your business in a way that leaves favorable impressions on your callers.

  • How is my AI agent trained?

    At Dialzara, we build all of our technology in-house using the most advanced AI models available to create stunningly intelligent AI phone agents.  

    And, if you've ever used ChatGPT, you'll find Dialzara breathtakingly easy to use.  

    Simply answer a few questions about your business, upload any specific information you want your agent to know, and we'll generate an AI-powered prompt tailored for your company for your AI agent to use.

  • What companies use Dialzara?

    Dialzara's AI phone agents can work for almost any business that receives phone calls. Most of our customers fall into the following categories: 

    1) Attorney's offices

    2) Medical offices

    3) Marketing and design agencies

    4) Real estate

    5) Trades and construction

    6) Service-based businesses

    7) Salons and fitness

    8) E-commerce

    Don't see your industry listed? Schedule a demo to find out if Dialzara might work for you company.

  • Can I bring my own phone number?

    Yes, you can port your number to Dialzara, or just forward calls to the Dialzara number included with your AI agent. You can also use Dialzara to handle calls if you do not pick up the phone.

  • Can I integrate Dialzara with my CRM?

    Yes, you can integrate Dialzara with your existing CRMs. We offer integration with Zapier that connects your AI agent with over 6000 other tools.

  • I'm interested in reselling Dialzara. Do you offer a referral program?

    Yes, we have an referral program that lets you earn money for referring Dialzara to your network. Click here to sign up and start earning!